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Caesar Chicken

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Caesar chicken is a flavor-packed 4 ingredient meal that offers the convenience of being prepared and cooked in one pot without compromising on taste or presentation. This easy chicken casserole recipe takes advantage of Caesar salad dressing to maintain the chicken’s juiciness and provide a bold, tangy flavor that is excellent over cauliflower rice or noodles.

A casserole dish filled with baked chicken thighs swimming in a creamy caesar sauce and topped with black pepper and parsley.

Using boneless, skinless chicken thighs (although chicken breast can be used too), parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing and sour cream, this easy baked chicken recipe comes together in just over 30 minutes – making it the ideal weeknight dish when you don’t want to put in a lot of effort cooking or doing dishes afterwards.

The magic of this recipe is in the Caesar dressing. To keep in line with the simplicity of this chicken casserole recipe, you can use bottle Caesar salad dressing or make your own with fresh ingredients. Of course, freshly prepared dressing will always have the best flavor.

Instead of coating the chicken with flour, grated parmesan cheese is used. This adds flavor but also helps to seal in those juices preventing dry, tough chicken which is common in many baked chicken recipes.

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