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Chicken Caprese Kebabs

chicken caprese kebabs grilled - Chicken Caprese Kebabs

Don’t miss these spicy turmeric chicken kebabs, bacon-wrapped brussel sprout kebabs, or bacon-wrapped asparagus kebabs.  

Chicken Caprese skewers are lighter and easier to eat at backyard barbecues or pot luck dinners with your friends and family, and they’re great for kids with bite-sized chicken pieces. 

chicken caprese kebabs grilled - Chicken Caprese Kebabs

You can easily remove the pieces from the skewers and serve them on a big platter drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or pass the individual skewers around. 

Serve them with a dark green salad, coleslaw, bread, or roasted vegetables. Pair them with a cold summer drink like lemonade, ice tea or your favorite cocktail. 

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