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Cheese Taco Shells

cheese taco shells crispy - Cheese Taco Shells

Cheese is a staple ingredient in many keto recipes. Not only is it used to make fathead dough, but cheese can be used to make keto tacos without adding too many carbs. With these keto cheese taco shells, we don’t add any carbs! They are ZERO CARBS!!

Hard shell tacos made out of cheddar cheese and filled with taco fixings on a tray with slices of lime nearby.

Made with one ingredient, cheese! You can have crispy hard shell tacos by just melting cheese and molding it into a taco shape. No need to get those expensive low carb tortillas you find at the store. This is an easy, gluten-free solution that is much less expensive and just as tasty!

Even though cheddar cheese was used to make these tacos, most any cheese will work – Pepper Jack cheese, Colby Jack, even parmesan!

Crispy hard shell taco made out of cheese and filled with beef, lettuce and pico de gallo next to cilantro and limes.

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