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How to get rid of acne and acne quickly? Keto Skin Improvement

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Acne and acne is one of the most common medical and cosmetic problems in the world today. Acne is most common during adolescence, but it can appear at almost any stage in life.

This article will help you understand on what causes acne and how important it is to organize proper nutrition in acne and blemished skin.

The appearance of acne is directly related to the sebaceous glands; they are present in the skin on almost all parts of the body (except for the palms and feet). The sebaceous glands’ main task is to secrete sebum – the fat that moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The following factors can influence their activity:

  • Lack of vitamin A. It regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. Also, it kills disease-causing bacteria that increase in the ducts of the glands, clogging them up and causing inflammation. It nourishes and supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms on the skin. Vitamin A should be given preference in natural form (get it with food), not synthetic (take it in the form of tablets or complexes). Found in carrots, spinach, and several other vegetables. However, for its activation, other substances are needed, which are contained only in animal products. The best sources are high-quality vegetable oil, animal fats, eggs, and liver. This is why vegetarians and vegans can have skin problems.
  • Lack of vitamin D. Sufficient amount of it is an essential condition for healthy skin. It can be produced by the cells themselves when exposed to sunlight. It is widely believed that the sun causes skin cancer. However, this is not entirely true. Getting enough sunlight not only stimulates the production of vitamin D but also
  • Supports many other processes in the body. Of course, burns should not be allowed, as they injure cells and lead to malignant development.
  • Neoplasms.
  • Regular work of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is responsible for the production and storage of bile. It is a biological fluid that is responsible for the dissolution and absorption of fats in the intestines. In case of problems with the liver or gallbladder, fats are not broken down naturally, and the nutrients they contain are not absorbed. Even proper nutrition will not help people who have liver or gallbladder dysfunctions to get rid of acne.
  • Androgen level. These are hormones that regulate several processes in the body. They are present in men and women (to a lesser extent). One of the reasons for acne (during puberty) is an imbalance between androgen and estrogen levels.
  • Sugar is one of the “triggers” for androgen production. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates (sugar) from food helps lower carbohydrate levels and reduces acne risk. The second trigger for their production is stress.
  • Vitamin B5. Able to directly affect the skin glands, normalizing their work. The absence of stress plays a significant role in its absorption (since this produces substances that worsen its effect).
  • Insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for lowering blood sugar levels. By itself, it can affect other tissues and systems of the body, leading to acne. The more sugar we consume from food, the more insulin our body produces. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates, you can quickly get rid of acne and acne.

How nutrition can help relieve acne?

Mechanical cleansing (scrubs, scraping, and even laser moxibustion) is not an effective method of dealing with acne. With the above violations and problems with the sebaceous glands, acne will appear again. Moreover, frequent mechanical cleaning can injure the top layer of the skin or remove essential microorganisms. To effectively get rid of acne, you need to normalize the metabolic process.

Nutrition for acne plays an important role. It is necessary to consume the recommended amount of fats. They contain vitamins useful for the skin (A, D, E, K). Their unique structure quickly gets inside the cell and affects its internal structures (nucleus, DNA molecules, etc.). Together, this helps to regulate metabolic processes.

Note: Nutritional Deactivated Yeast can also provide many vitamins and minerals needed for healthy skin and immune function.

An essential condition for treating skin disease is reducing carbohydrate intake. The basic principles of the acne diet are:

  • Reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet;
  • Adequate intake of animal and vegetable fats ;
  • Active consumption of vegetables ;
  • Avoiding alcohol and fruit juices (they increase blood sugar.
  • ).

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