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Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

These Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes are hearty and filling. Make a batch of these and freeze them for a quick and healthy breakfast


I might be the only mother out there who dreaded back to school today. I loved having three weeks of leisure and fun.

I love the laid back mornings when there’s actually time to make a warm breakfast and enjoy it rather than force feeding my kids before they rush out the door at 7am.

I was immediately drawn to these Oatmeal pancakes because I know how hard it is to please kids.

These have oatmeal in the batter which gives them an incredibly hearty texture.

There’s only 1 tablespoon of sugar in the pancakes so you can totally deem them as healthy. Of course I poured syrup all over mine but that’s neither here or there.

You can definitely top them with yogurt and fruit, applesauce, peanut butter and jelly, or jam.

fb image - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

fb image - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

Here’s my little princess mixing up the batter.

fb image - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

fb image - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

These are pancakes you have to try! My husband approved of them too.

fb image - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

fb image - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

Of course pancakes smothered in syrup aren’t healthy but at least you can make the actual pancakes with less sugar and then the syrup is all up to you in this recipe.


fb image - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes


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Yield: 12 pancakes

These Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes are hearty and filling. 

  • 2
    quick oats
    (see Note for substitution)
  • 1/2
    baking soda
  • 2 1/2
    (see Note for substitution)
  • 1
  • 2
    baking powder
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1/3
    vegetable or canola oil
  • 2
    eggs, beaten

  1. Combine oats, baking soda, and buttermilk. Let mixture stand for 5 minutes.

  2. In another bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar.

  3. Add the oil and eggs to the oat mixture and stir to combine.

  4. Add the dry ingredients to the oat mixture and stir until blended.

  5. Cook on lightly greased griddle or skillet.

  6. Top with syrup, yogurt, fruit, applesauce, peanut butter, or jam.

Quick Oats Substitute: If you only have old-fashioned oats pulse them in the blender briefly to chop them up slightly and then you have quick oats!

Buttermilk Substitute: Substitute buttermilk with 2 1/4 cups milk and 2 tablespoons white vinegar or lemon juice. Let mixture sit for 5 minutes or until it appears to curdle.

Source: The Duggar Family Blog

fb image scaled - Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes

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